Wednesday, September 7, 2011

End-of-summer squash

Just a week ago, a friend called to say she had some yellow squash she would fix carpaccio-style and bring over to add to the supper we were preparing for her & her daughter. “Don’t make too much,” I warned, as no one here but me eats summer squash.” And I was right, the kids all tried to swipe the parmesan shavings off the top, shunning the crisp thin yellow slices below. But today, here in the school garden, there is a table full of kids with bowls of kale salad and sautéed squash, my own most recalcitrant veggie-eater seated smack dab in the center. And I might as well be flat on the ground, like my lower jaw is. Because he is asking for seconds of… you guessed it, yellow squash.

Kids love squash (really):

Have kids slice up squash. Sauté lightly with soy butter and a sprinkle of salt. Make enough for second helpings.

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