Monday, September 12, 2011


So relaxing, there is no need to keep the kids engaged, because in kindergarten gardening is an optional activity during outdoor playtime. Don’t have the patience to listen to an explanation? No worries, just run off to the monkey bars for a while. But return when you notice the gardeners are making a scarecrow with a school sweatshirt on. Stuff some hay in the sleeve, run off again. The kids who are into the gardening will finish it, and even plant some fennel in the bed by the back wall, each kid with a careful trowel and a turn with the watering can full of compost tea, each seedling welcomed to it’s new home with a drink and the easy love of a five-year-old.

Schoolyard pears:

Come to the back-to-school workday, and notice one of the tasks is “Pick pears and take them home.” Inquire. Discover that the pears are ripe and dropping and attracting yellow jackets to the play field. Have the kids help pick the pears. Take them home as instructed. Slice with one of those corer/peeler/slicer things that clamp to the table. Put them in the dehydrator a friend just handed down to you. When dried, stack them in jars, and bring them back to the school for the kindergarteners and office staff to snack on. Feel totally righteous.

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